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innovation tracking

Let memoori help you track disruptive technologies that are radically altering the smart buildings industry.

Knowledge is the first key to any Innovation Decision Making Process

Poor communication and limited access to information can cause failure within your businesses innovation process. Let Memoori assist you in collecting and disseminating information throughout your organisation; giving a clear and consistent view of new technology developments, new research and activity in important adjacent markets.

How is your company understanding & evaluating this new competitive landscape?

Innovation is key to the long term survival of any business and goes beyond new product development. It means radically re-evaluating areas of your business, such as strategy, business processes, operations and management models. It is the catalyst to growth.

Service Highlights

  • Software as a Service

  • Analysis, Newsfeed, and Newsletter capabilities

  • Intuitive and easy-to-use platform

  • Easily scaled and tailored to your organisation

  • Unlimited Support from Memoori Consultants

How it works

Stage 1

Key business intelligence is collected into private groups where users can share and comment on Articles, White Papers and Documents. Memoori consultants work with our clients to collect and categorise relevant, actionable information.

Stage 2

Information is stored securely and can be tagged with keywords to allow cross-referencing of data across several different groups.

Stage 3

Powerful search capabilities allow users to search across all their groups simultaneously and also search documents from the Web that have been indexed only from relevant industry sources. This provides a powerful data mining tool to executives within your organization.

Stage 4

Users can quickly and easily create email alerts allowing them to track innovation keywords and phrases on a daily or weekly basis. This allows busy executives to get relevant data and react quickly to information requirements that are placed on them.


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