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Live Stream: AI IoT Edge Applications Insights and Trends

Live Stream: The Smart Building Startup Landscape 2023

Join Our Live Stream Discussion on the Impact Startups are having on Smart Building Innovation. Memoori is joined by Youssef Mawad, from JCI Ventures to Discuss VC Investment Activity from 2021 and 2022 and Potential Investment Trends in 2023.

What Customers REALLY Want from a Smart Building

The Building IoT vendor landscape is complex and can act as a source of confusion and frustration for Customers. Michael Grant from Metrikus joins us to Discuss How and Why the Market needs to Mature!

What Building Owners Need to Know About Cyber Security Insurance

Cyber attacks are one of the greatest threats facing buildings as they become connected and smart, but ensuring smart buildings are insured for cyber threats is becoming increasingly difficult. Memoori is joined by Tina Jolliffe, Project Director at

The Value of Smartness

A Free Webinar with Deloitte Discussing how the Value of a Building Operating System goes well beyond the reduction of CAPEX and OPEX, as the ‘Urban Space Total Cost of Ownership Rule of Thumb’ explains: “For each 1€ Capex, a Smart Building can gener

3 Step Guide to Your Holistic Building Experience Journey

Memoori is joined by Spaceti CEO Max Verteletskyi to Discuss the Launch of our Joint White Paper “3 Step Guide to Your Holistic Building Experience Journey”. The Smart Building Development Process should be seen as an Iterative Journey, rather than a

The Impact of MicroMobility on the Built Environment

Memoori is joined by Ed Webster from MicroMobilityNews for a Free Webinar Discussing the Impact of MicroMobility on Commercial Buildings and the Built Environment. What do we need to consider about MicroMobility when Designing Future Proof Commercial

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