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3 Step Guide to Your Holistic Building Experience Journey

3 Step Guide to Your Holistic Building Experience Journey

The Impact of MicroMobility on the Built Environment

The Developers Smart Building Project Canvas

Memoori Research is joined by Mike Brooman, CEO of Vanti to discuss “The Developers Smart Building Project Canvas”. As a developer of commercial real estate, are you interested in adopting technology in your building(s) but don’t know where or how to

Open Interfaces for Smart Buildings with ONVIF

Once confined to a single domain in the smart building environment, physical security is steadily increasing its contribution to overall building efficiency, with its myriad of sensors and rich data sets. This webinar will discuss how Profile M from

Why Should I Adopt a Digital Twin?

Memoori is joined by Sebastien Coulon, co-founder of Spinalcom to discuss the OT – IT convergence challenge of moving from automated buildings to digital buildings and how digital twins support the real estate value chain.

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