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Audio: 3 Steps to Launching an ROI-Driven Smart Building Program

Here is the Audio Stream from our 7th Free Webinar in the 2017 Smart Buildings Series, sponsored by Project Haystack.

3 Steps to Launching an ROI-Driven Smart Building Program A Q&A Webinar with Bruce Duyshart, Author of Smarter Buildings, Better Experiences and Aaron Lapsley, VP of Engineering Services at Switch Automation. We discuss how an evaluation roadmap is key to Smart Building project success! Download the Evaluation Roadmap HERE.

Don’t Forget you can now Subscribe to our Webinars on Soundcloud and iTunes! Also you can order the print version of Bruce’s Book “Smarter Buildings, Better Experiences” HERE or download the iBook version HERE.

In this Q&A session with Aaron and Bruce, we discuss the Strategy, Design and Implementation phases of Smart Building projects. Including;

  • Why Selecting the Right Smart Building Program so Important; And what is the Evaluation RoadMap?
  • An In-depth Look at Actionable Insights around the Strategy, Design & Implementation of Smart Building Projects.


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