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Audio: Making Big Data a Reality in Smart Buildings!

Here is the Audio Stream from our 2nd Free Webinar in the 2017 Smart Buildings Series, sponsored by Project Haystack. Sincere apologies to those that tried to listen live. Unfortunately technical issues caused the connection to be lost; however we recorded our conversation later on.

What does Big Data really mean for Buildings? This was an in-depth discussion with Daniel Utges, Product Director at DEXMA about why most building operators don’t really see Big Data as part of their everyday agenda. You can sign up for a free trial of their product EnergyGrader Here.

In this Q&A session with Daniel, we discuss why most building operators don’t really see Big Data as part of their everyday agenda.

  • Why the industry has been “all talk, no action” & why most building operators don’t really see Big Data as part of their everyday agenda.
  • What Big Data means for buildings and why you don’t need to be a data scientist to start working with it for your building portfolio

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