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For those who missed it or want to listen again, below is the Audio Stream from our 3rd Free Webinar in the 2016 Smart Buildings Series, sponsored by Tridium

“How can we Secure our Smart Buildings against Cyber Attack?” A Webinar Q&A with Hugh Boyes CEng FIET discussing how Building Owners and Operators can best Secure their Smart Buildings against Cyber Attack. Hugh is Cyber Security Lead at The Institute of Engineering & Technology (IET) and is focused on the security and resilience of Cyber-Physical systems, with a particular emphasis on the Built Environment.

In this Webinar, we discuss the Cyber Threats to Smart Buildings and what Building Owners and Operators need to be aware of when Converging their Building Automation Systems with Enterprise IT Systems;

  • 2015 was “The Year of the Cyber Attack”. Cyber Security should be a concern for any user or owner of connected devices. Adding network connectivity to any “thing” can certainly provide great value but also brings with it potential risks.
  • Cyber threats are continuing to evolve and become more sophisticated. What are the potential new threats that may emerge in 2016? How can we as Building Owners and Hardware / Software Suppliers stay one step ahead of the Cyber Criminals?