Data-Driven Buildings

Smart Buildings

The Escalating Impact of AI on the Building Internet of Things

April 21st, 2023
Smart Buildings

Convergence of Key Ontologies Could Drive the Standardization of Smart Buildings

July 14th, 2022
Smart Cities

A Critical Moment of Opportunity Demands an Open Smart Buildings Market

Governments around the world are committing to a green recovery from the economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the fact that global energy demand actually dropped by an estimated 5% in 2020, resulting in a 7% drop in total energy-related CO2 emissions, the global nature of this crisis has brought the world together. Understanding […]

Smart Buildings

The Smart Building ‘Future Proofing’ Opportunity

Most operational systems in buildings, from lighting to HVAC, last at least 10-15 years, and perhaps more. While there are ongoing maintenance costs to operate these systems, those ongoing expenses are small compared to the costs to replace core systems. Smart building technology can extend equipment life and improve performance, but vendors often run into […]

Smart Buildings

The Huge Value of Occupancy Data in Commercial Real Estate

As much as one-third of commercial real estate in the US is “under-utilized,” according to the IBM Institute for Business Value. That is approximately 4 billion square feet of space that could be used better to add value or let go to save cost. The problem is that companies and building owners aren’t always sure […]

Smart Buildings

Data. Helping Us Understand Buildings, Their Occupants & Their Potential

By 2021 there will be over 3.6 billion connected devices installed in smart commercial buildings, making up a large proportion of all connected devices. Buildings are our most human environments and smart technology is allowing us to understand and control that environment like never before. Lighting, security, safety, HVAC control, and other building systems are […]

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