District Heating

Smart Buildings

Viessmann Group Business and Financials Examined

May 23rd, 2022
Smart Buildings

Patent Trends Tell the Story of Future Green Building Innovation

November 23rd, 2021
Smart Cities

North American Geothermal Heating is Quietly Gaining Steam

Geothermal heating reduces carbon emissions, energy costs, and dependence on fossil fuels, and has become a standard in many parts of the world. The US lags behind, however, with geothermal having to fight for the federal incentive “scraps” that solar and wind power have only recently recovered. New developments and a renewed sense of optimism […]

Smart Buildings,Smart Cities

Amsterdam Targets Smart Buildings in its Ambitious 2040 Energy Strategy

Due to continued urbanisation and responsibility for impending environmental deadlines, many European cites are creating long-term targets for smart city development. Amsterdam City Council expects as many as 150,000 inhabitants to migrate into the city before 2040. This prediction has pressured urban planners to reassess Amsterdam’s economic, physical and social structure in order to best […]

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