Fog Computing


Sensing the Way to Improved Data-Driven Emergency Responses

October 14th, 2019
Smart Buildings

On Buildings that Compute. A Proposal.

December 7th, 2018

“The Network is Everything Around Us!” – Lunera’s Lighting Shift

“Not too long ago, we went from believing that the computer is the computer, to understanding that the network is the computer. Today, Lunera is leading the next shift, one that has the potential to be even bigger: the network is everything around us,” said John Bruggeman, chief executive officer at Lunera. “Until now, no […]

Smart Buildings

On The Cloud, Through The Fog, To The Edge: The IoT In Smart Buildings

The Internet of Things is connecting billions of “things” to the Internet, each “thing” collects data and all that data needs to be processed before it can be turned into intelligence or an automated action. This massive increase of data transfer, storage and processing poses a computing question; should data processing happen at the “thing” […]

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