“Cybersecurity is a Shared Responsibility. We are All in this Together”

September 2nd, 2021
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Verkada Hack “Exposes How Broadly We’re Being Surveilled & How Little is Put into Securing IoT”

March 11th, 2021
Smart Cities

Our Cybersecurity is More Vulnerable & More Important than it has Ever Been

For years we’ve lived in fear of computer viruses that would cripple our digital infrastructure. Instead, we got a human virus that forced us further into the digital age. In a matter of weeks, remote working became a standard around the world and socializing beyond your household became a virtual activity. While society grapples with […]

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During the COVID-19 Crisis, No One is Immune to Increased Cyberattacks

Like many people today, you may have visited the World Health Organization’s (WHO) website for the first time to get the latest official news on the COVID-19 crisis rocking the world this year. The global health authority has been at the center of everything recently as concerned citizens around the world seek accurate information in […]

Smart Cities

DHL & EHang Launch First Regular Drone Delivery Service in China

DHL Express and intelligent autonomous aerial vehicle (drone) company EHang have launched a regular drone delivery route to overcome last mile delivery issues in urban China. The new customized route, which has been exclusively created for a single DHL customer, covers a distance of approximately eight kilometers between the customer premises and the DHL service […]


Researchers Find Hardcoded Password Vulnerability in Access Control System

“White-hat” cyber security company, Tenable, last month discovered a potentially catastrophic flaw in PremiSys, an access control system run by IDenticard. The hardcoded credentials that Tenable found in the firm’s devices provide administrator access to the entire service through an end-point that controls the system. This means that anyone with those passwords would be able […]

Smart Cities

IBM & Threatcare Discover 17 Zero-day Vulnerabilities in Smart Cities

“An actor who is determined to incite mass chaos could create far greater impact with minimal effort if security for sensors and controls is not strengthened,” reads a 2018 report by IBM entitled: The Dangers of Smart City Hacking. The paper follows an investigation by IBM X-Force Red and Threatcare that discovered 17 zero-day vulnerabilities […]

Smart Cities

Is Putting Cyber Security in the Hands of Artificial Intelligence a Good Idea?

On a recent typical day, 2.6 million people in 232 different countries, encounter newly discovered malware – a Microsoft investigation found. These attacks were comprised of 1.7 million distinct, first-seen malware and 60% of these campaigns were finished within the hour. Today, malware is on a scale that human cyber security efforts simply cannot handle, […]

Smart Cities

Experts Make the Cyber Security Case for Distributed Renewable Energy

In case there weren’t enough reasons for us to stop using fossil fuels to generate electricity, experts now claim that in addition to being environmentally unfriendly these energy sources also make us more vulnerable to catastrophic cyber attack in comparison to renewable alternatives. Their theory is simple, fossil fuels are only effective through a centralized […]

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