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Smart Buildings

Market Fragmentation & the “Uber-ization” of Facilities Management – Charles Reed Anderson

November 29th, 2019
Smart Buildings

Predictive Maintenance for Facility Management is Now at a Disruptive Price Point

May 7th, 2018
Smart Buildings

Many Businesses are Rethinking the Way They Harness their Talent & Real Estate

With technology permeating everything that we do, it’s led to significant transformation in the workplace specifically, how, where (and who) is working and what work employees do. The speed of change and disruption across industries has also caused greater uncertainty as many businesses rethink the way they harness their talent and real estate,” suggests Susan […]

Smart Buildings

Some Building Systems Are Born Smart, Others Have Smartness Thrust Upon Them

“Some building systems are born smart, some achieve smartness and some have smartness thrust upon them,” Shakespeare might have said if he were a 21st century mechanical engineer or facility manager working in Chicago. Taking center-stage in the ambitious Midwest city is a smart building retrofit worthy of applause. Completed in 1990, 311 South Wacker […]

Smart Cities

What Would Our Cities Look Like If We Started From Scratch?

What would our cities look like if we started again, from scratch, with everything we know now? Would we create central business districts (CBDs) if we had the chance to redesign our cities? How different would our buildings be from the environments we have created now? These questions about workplaces, the built environment and city […]

Smart Cities

Sensors Produce Data, People with Data Produce Solutions

Carpet manufacturers are embedding sensors to track footsteps, the lighting sector is embedding sensors, furniture manufacturers are doing the same. The Internet of Things (IoT) will soon no longer be about adding sensors and connecting “things”, it will be about how we analyse data to create new workplace strategies. That is the view of Srihar […]

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