Live Event: How Tenants & Landlords Can Work Together to Reduce Energy Consumption

November 7th, 2023
Complimentary Article

Net Zero Buildings Explored: The Forge, Bankside

February 15th, 2023
Infogrid Restructuring and Redundancies
Smart Buildings

Restructuring and Redundancies at Infogrid

In an undated blog published just before the December holiday break, Infogrid announced a restructuring, making a significant number of roles redundant in the process. The letter from Infogrid founder and CEO, William Cowell de Gruchy written to his team members confirms that the company would be “saying goodbye to a significant number of passionate […]


Building Better Fire Protection with Smart Technology

The destructive relationship between fire and buildings is as old as the history of buildings themselves. Fire protection has been a key reason for the development of new materials, construction methods, and safety protocols since the earliest buildings and each major fire acts as a trigger for innovation and regulation. The response to the Great Fire […]

Smart Cities

We Should Democratise Smart City Planning

A smart city project in the UK has crowdsourced ideas in order to better plan the urban redevelopment. As part of a new smart city report, thoughts on the project were welcomed from hundreds of experts across six different domains through a series of 37 workshops at the Hypercatevent in London this year. Hypercat enlisted some of […]

Smart Cities

Canary Wharf’s Smart City Cognicity Challenge Announces Winners

The second phase of Canary Wharf’s Cognicity Challenge in London has produced two new winners of the £50,000 prize. Innovate smart city technology firms Demand Logic and SEaB Energy will implement their technology in the docklands business district. The Cognicity Challenge is the starting point for the Cognicity initiative, which aims to encourage participating companies […]

Smart Cities

Canary Wharf Advances Smart Cities Accelerator Initiative

London’s iconic Canary Wharf, and Docklands business district, is taking a progressive step towards “smart city” status as two streams of its pioneering Cognicity Challenge enter the short-listing phase. The Cognicity Challenge is the starting point for the Cognicity initiative, which aims to encourage participating companies to respond to the current and future elements of […]

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