Webinar: What Building Owners Need to Know About Cyber Security Insurance!

November 28th, 2022
Complimentary Article

Buildings Can Do Much More To Reduce Their Cyber Security Risk

October 25th, 2022
Smart Cities

Phishing for Digital Empathy in a Zero Trust Cybersecurity Landscape

While the COVID-19 pandemic presents very real biological threats, the necessary social distancing policies have forced us to rely on a digital world that presents very real cyber threats. From an almost overnight shift to mass remote working, to a sharp rise in opportunistic cyberattacks, the crisis has tested every company’s cyber resilience. Cybersecurity systems […]

Smart Buildings

Smart Building Cybersecurity is a Process, Not a Project or a Product

“The boundaries of your digital empire are limitless. What was once a finite and defendable space is now a boundless territory — a vast, sprawling footprint of devices, apps, appliances, servers, networks, clouds, and users,” says Bill Conner, president and CEO of cybersecurity solution provider SonicWall, on the changing landscape of cybersecurity in buildings. “For […]


Researchers Find Hardcoded Password Vulnerability in Access Control System

“White-hat” cyber security company, Tenable, last month discovered a potentially catastrophic flaw in PremiSys, an access control system run by IDenticard. The hardcoded credentials that Tenable found in the firm’s devices provide administrator access to the entire service through an end-point that controls the system. This means that anyone with those passwords would be able […]

Smart Cities

Is Putting Cyber Security in the Hands of Artificial Intelligence a Good Idea?

On a recent typical day, 2.6 million people in 232 different countries, encounter newly discovered malware – a Microsoft investigation found. These attacks were comprised of 1.7 million distinct, first-seen malware and 60% of these campaigns were finished within the hour. Today, malware is on a scale that human cyber security efforts simply cannot handle, […]

Smart Cities

Could BIM Be Vulnerable To WannaCry Style Ransomware Attacks?

Last month’s WannaCry cyber attack has underlined yet more vulnerabilities being created in our digital systems. The ransomware attack is considered the biggest of its kind, and the greater sophistication of the software used suggests this type of attack could soon target multi-million dollar projects, like those in the building industry. In what seems crude […]

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