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June 16th, 2022

The Sun-Like Future of Human-Centric Lighting

October 11th, 2019
Smart Buildings

Survey Investigates the Demands of Employees in Smart Commercial Buildings

Location still reigns supreme but workplace health and wellness are playing an increasing role in employee productivity, office satisfaction, and even choosing an employer. That’s according to a recent report by The Nielsen Company, based in Thailand. The survey results mark a major shift in the working population, with some surprising results and some stark […]


The Natural Future For Artificial Light in Smart Buildings

Lights tuned to emit specific colors and brightnesses can support human capacity to perform specific activities better. That is the basis of the Human-Centric Lighting (HCL) industry, which has been growing at an increasing rate in recent years. If HCL can prove its abilities, it could soon be commonplace in our buildings and cities, creating […]

Smart Buildings

Selling Productivity Gains in Buildings: What’s the Business Case?

Improving productivity in offices is perhaps the “killer app” for all technology and service providers. From JLL’s 3-30-300, to Stok’s 1-10-100-1000, it is clear that helping workers do more in their working environment is more impactful than saving energy, extending equipment life, or optimizing lease terms for flexibility or cost savings. But, how do vendors […]

Smart Buildings

Biophilic Design: The Natural Approach To Smart Buildings

A recent survey commissioned by Ambius found that 35% of office workers don’t get more than 15 minutes of outdoor time during their typical workday. A further 13% say they are able to stretch their outdoor time to 30 minutes per day while only 22% manage to spend over an hour outside each day. The […]

Smart Buildings

Using Nature to Solve the Top Complaint in the Open Office

This article was contributed by Evan Benway & Jonathan Chen from Plantronics. When presented with the opportunity to spend their day indoors or in nature, most individuals would choose the latter. We know that our fundamental attraction to nature is defined by the positive impact nature has on our personal wellbeing, happiness, and restoration. This […]

Smart Cities

WeWork: Millennial Fad or New Era for the Workplace?

During a recent visit to one of the two WeWork coworking office buildings in Seoul’s Gangnam district, I was met with DJs setting up speakers in the meeting space we normally use. “There’s a party here later. Let’s head to the 10th floor, they have a new craft beer in the lounge up there,” I […]

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