Neural Networks

Smart Cities

The Small Data Counter-Revolution & the Democratization of the Data Age

November 5th, 2020
Smart Cities

Giving Every Building a Voice in the IoT Age

January 8th, 2020

The Competitive Landscape for AI Video Analytics is Intense

We have identified some 125 companies that are active in supplying appropriate semiconductor chips and AI video analytic software products. New companies are being added to this list almost weekly and although we cannot claim that it includes all suppliers it is probably today the most comprehensive listing on this subject. We have broken it […]


AI Technology and its impact on Intelligent Video Analytics

AI technology has developed fast in the last three years, driven by the introduction of GPU chip architectures and advanced Machine Learning / Deep Learning algorithms. Our New Report looks at how the combination of these two developments have allowed data to be processed at much higher speeds and given computers the ability to learn […]


AI Video Analytics Could Dominate Physical Security Investment to 2023

The general trend for venture capital investment in the Physical Security Business has been one of decline since 2014, when it invested over $300m in 12 transactions. In 2017 we identified 11 transactions by venture capital companies investing $121.9m into physical security companies; Which was a significant gain on 2016 when we identified 9 transactions […]


Video Surveillance: Aggregation, Automation & Augmentation!

In this, our third video interview, we ask Bjorn Skou Eilertsen, CTO of Milestone Systems, about the future of video surveillance and video management software. Why he believes that in 5 years, 50% of streams managed by video management systems will be from mobile recording devices and explains his mantra of Aggregation, Automation & Augmentation. […]


HIKVision Partners with Movidius Bringing Neural Networks to Video Surveillance

There are huge “gains to be made when it comes to neural networks and intelligent camera systems”, declared Hu Yangzhong, CEO of Chinese firm Hikvision, last week. Hikvision has struck a deal with US machine vision firm Movidius to bring greater levels of machine learning to their video surveillance cameras. Through the deal, Hikvision’s next […]

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings & Cities Create Perfect Proving Grounds For Deep Learning

The Internet of Things (IoT) has brought about the opportunity to establish a new architecture for Smart Buildings that decentralizes systems and pushes analytics processing to the “edge”, or sensor unit, rather than the cloud or a central server. This ‘Edge’ or ‘fog’ computing provides real-time intelligence and enhances system agility while simultaneously offloading the […]

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