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PSIM Software Evolving into Situation Management and Command & Control Platforms

December 9th, 2015

A Financial Storm Ahead? The Physical Security Industry Will Sail Through It

August 4th, 2011

What Makes a Winner in the Security Industry

Unsurprisingly, this month has seen very few important industry announcements as the holiday season starts to kick in. However when we start to sieve through the considerable flow of data there is still valuable information to uncover. Public quoted security companies across the globe have this month announced their 2nd quarter results and with few […]


What’s Driving Consolidation (And What it Means for Integrators)

The current wave of consolidation among security equipment manufacturers will continue, driven largely by the sector’s fragmentation, a new research report predicts. The study, from Memoori ltd., a U.K.-based research firm that follows the building automation sector, found that 50 percent of the companies in the security products industry lack the economic size to remain […]


Consolidation in the Electronic Security Industry- 2009 to 2015

We have in two previous articles on mergers and acquisitions in the physical security manufacturing, industry, published in A&S; International, reviewed consolidation from 2000 to 2008 and benchmarked the value of companies purchased against high technology and growth. In the January issue we reviewed entrepreneurship in the IP Video sector analysing the distribution by company, […]

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