Preemptive Maintenance

Smart Cities

European IoT-Enabled Elevator Maintenance Startups Examined

July 29th, 2022
Smart Cities

Maintaining Our Buildings During the Global Pandemic

March 25th, 2021
Smart Buildings

New Research Allows Smart Buildings To Be More Resilient To Extreme Events

Earthquakes, explosions and even day-to-day vibrations can cause structural damage to a building that may go unnoticed until it starts to cause dangerous problems. New research, however, is allowing technology enriched smart buildings to sense this type of internal damage so it can be fixed before issues arise. Over the past few years, scientists at […]

Complimentary Article
Smart Buildings

Audio: Demystifying the IoT in Smart Buildings

For those who missed it or want to listen again, below is the Audio Stream from our 9th Free Webinar in the 2016 Smart Buildings Series, sponsored by Tridium… Demystifying the IoT in Smart Buildings. This is a Q&A Webinar with Chris Irwin, Business Development Director at Tridium Europe. We discuss why the IoT in […]

Smart Buildings

New Programs Could Cut The Cost Of Smart Building Retrofits In The US

Commercial buildings could save as much as $60 billion if energy efficiency investments were increased by just 1-4%, according to a study by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE). However, the average cost of using a Building Management System (BMS) to smart retrofit a building is around $2.30 per square foot, or […]

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