How IoT Devices Are Being Hijacked to Drive Crime & Conflict

January 17th, 2024
Smart Buildings

HVAC/R Control Products Manufacturer Carel Acquires Smart Building SaaS Provider Kiona

July 31st, 2023
Smart Buildings

Smart Building Protocols Strive for Greater Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a massive issue for smart buildings. Cybercriminals are relentless but we must accept them as a reality of connectivity. What we shouldn’t accept is that the IoT sector helps them by churning out insecure products that are picked up by unsuspecting owners and operators who may have limited IT and cybersecurity knowledge. Facilities […]

Smart Cities

The Story Of The Humble Substation Is The Story Of Our Future Energy System

The Harmonization of the Grid & Buildings Markets has begun! States our recent report entitled Smart Buildings Meet the Smart Grid. Referring to recent developments in smart grids, distributed energy and their synchronization with smart buildings. As these worlds come together, a forest of skyscrapers looks over a sea of power stations, only separated by […]

Smart Cities

New York Initiative Forges Virtual Power Plant Partnership

This summer, Con Edison and SunPower Corp. will partner on a $15 million pilot program to offer solar power systems with battery storage to more than 300 New York homeowners. The aggregation of hundreds of homes with solar power and battery storage will provide the utility with a cost-effective and innovative virtual power plant, providing […]


Cost Vs Benefit Vs Security: The Industrial Internet of Things

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) is grappling with an uncomfortable trade off; enhanced ease-of-use and productivity or security. In many industrial scenarios, if connectivity can improve efficiency by just a small percentage, billions of dollars could be saved. However, where there is connectivity there is a cyber-security risk. In the IIoT, where all manner […]

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