Massive Funding Rounds Flow into the Video Surveillance Market

July 22nd, 2021
Smart Buildings

How Far We Really Are From AI-Enabled Smart Buildings

July 8th, 2021
Smart Buildings

Survey Investigates the Demands of Employees in Smart Commercial Buildings

Location still reigns supreme but workplace health and wellness are playing an increasing role in employee productivity, office satisfaction, and even choosing an employer. That’s according to a recent report by The Nielsen Company, based in Thailand. The survey results mark a major shift in the working population, with some surprising results and some stark […]


Leading Manufacturers of IP Network Products Having Difficulty in Seeing Through the China Smog

New Research from Memoori demonstrates that the geographic distribution of sales of security products is clearly changing with Asia becoming the dominant region. A major change in the geographic distribution of sales is taking place with Asia delivering the highest rate of growth and increasing its market share. This is set to continue because […]

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