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Smart Cities

Smart Street Lighting “the Catalyst for the Smart City Network”

August 21st, 2019
Smart Cities

Itron / Silver Spring Merger Creates an IoT Powerhouse for Smart Cities and Grids

September 28th, 2017
Smart Cities

Have You Ever Considered How Diverse The Smart City Sector Is?

Have you ever considered how diverse the smart city sector is? Think about the variety of companies from different industries it brings together, along with government agencies, academics, social enterprises, urbanists and community leaders. Is there anything quite like that in the modern world? Smart Cities could be called the Urban IoT and by definition […]

Smart Cities

Smart City 2.0: Digital Industrial Companies And Urban Entrepreneurs

While still a relatively new sounding term, the ‘smart city’ has been a topic of discussion for over ten years now. This technology enabled urban development has been increasingly influential in our cities during the past decade but has recently taken a big step forward to what we might now call ‘smart city 2.0’. The […]

Lighting,Smart Cities

Itron and Silver Spring Networks Eye Internet of Things Opportunities

Over the past few years, we’ve seen Smart grid and IT technology vendors change their approach to the utility data analytics. Recently two smart network firms, Itron and Silver Spring Networks, have outlined a similar direction to their future development. Both US firms, who reported impressive third-quarter earnings last week, used the opportunity to highlight […]

Smart Cities

Paris Selects Silver Spring Networks for Smart Lighting Initiative

Paris “the city of lights” has taken a smart step forward as EVESA, the city’s streetlight and traffic control systems operator, finalised a contract with California based Silver Spring Networks to revolutionise lighting across the French capital. After a successful pilot project, Silver Spring Networks announced an expansion of its relationship with EVESA earlier this […]

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