Smart Communities

Smart Cities

“All The Stuff We Are Doing Is Obsolete. It Doesn’t Make Sense To Build Smart Cities Like This”

July 20th, 2017
Smart Buildings

Building Relationships Not Buildings

February 13th, 2017
Smart Cities

UN Initiative Seeks To Bring Together Smart Sustainable Cities

“The 19th century was a century of empires, the 20th century was a century of nation states and the 21st century will be a century of cities” – Wellington Webb, Former Mayor of Denver, CO. The 21st century model of urban development will leverage information and communication technologies (ICTs) to set cities on a development […]

Smart Cities

Sensity Systems Enters JV for Smart Cities in China

The Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and US Internet of Things (IoT) firm, Sensity Systems Inc., last week announced an agreement under which the two organisations will form a new joint venture in China to focus on the development of smart city solutions for China and sales worldwide. On the surface the deal links a […]

Smart Buildings,Smart Cities

Smart Communities make Smart Cities

Many of the prevailing social and environmental challenges today are the outcomes of rapid economic growth, and well beyond the grasp of individuals. This situation is increasingly apparent in cities. In 2009, for the first time in human history, urban populations overtook rural population numbers around the world. However, while cities are where these problems […]

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