Smart Buildings

Unmanageable Smart Building Complexity is Holding Back Progress

April 22nd, 2021
Smart Buildings

Software is King across the Commercial Building Lifecycle

February 28th, 2020

Direct New Investment in the Physical Security Industry Fell in 2016

Our recent Report on the Physical Security industry identified 9 transactions by venture capital and notable security companies investing some $96.3m into physical security companies. Venture Capitalists have invested an average of $275m per annum in the physical security industry over the previous 4 years, so it’s rather disappointing to see it fall to $96 […]

Smart Buildings

Microsoft Joins the Increasingly Popular Eclipse IoT Foundation

This week saw the launch of the Eclipse Edje open source project by MicroEJ. Edje will define a set of software application programming interfaces (APIs) required to deliver Internet of Things (IoT) services that meet the performance and memory constraints of microcontroller-based devices. Edje also will provide ready-to-use software packages for targeted hardware that developers […]


Key Innovations in Security will be Driven by Technology and Compliance

We recently sat down with Adlan Hussain, Global Head of Marketing at CNL Software, to discuss Innovation in Security and CNL’s intention to continue to lead developments in PSIM software. 1. Where will the major innovations in Security come from in the next 5 years? br> Let us start by stating the speed of innovation […]

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