Smart Cities

Virtual Power Plants Can “Relegate California Blackouts to the History Books”

October 14th, 2020
Smart Cities

Virtual Power Plants Make it Easier to Introduce Renewables but Need Better Policy

September 4th, 2019
Smart Buildings

Shell Announces Smart Building Partnerships with Sparkfund & GridPoint

“The Paris Agreement has sent a signal around the world. A new energy system is emerging. It will unfold over decades, moving at different paces in different places. The transition offers challenges, opportunities and tough choices for governments, businesses and customers,” states the Shell Energy Transition Report. Royal Dutch Shell, the British-Dutch oil and gas […]

Smart Cities

What Does a Blockchain Enabled Energy System Look Like?

Blockchain may be best known for its cryptocurrency applications but it is promising to be a game-changing force in any application that requires certification and exchange. As part of our April Blockchain Series, we explore the hype surrounding the blockchain’s potential for the Internet of Things (IoT), through applications in smart buildings, cities and grids. […]

Smart Cities

IKEA Launches Potentially Disruptive Solar Battery Storage Offering

Home furnishings mega-brand IKEA has taken a bold step into the energy sector with the release of its new Solar Battery Storage offering. They promise to help UK homeowners make savings on their electricity bills, as well as increase the rate at which they can reap the benefits from their solar investment. Considering their brand […]

Smart Cities

Blockchain Is The “Missing Link” To A Decentralized, CO2-Free Energy Future

In the future, batteries in homes and buildings will be key to stabilizing the power grid by enabling better integration of renewable energies. In Germany, that future is becoming a reality today with the use of blockchain technology. European electricity transmission system operator TenneT, energy storage firm sonnen, renewable energy producer Vandebron and technology giant […]

Smart Buildings

Tesla’s New Energy Products Leave Competitors Playing Catch Up

Tesla continues their busy year with the announcement of three new products last week. There were releases for the second generation of their powerwall and powerpack energy storage systems, in addition to the long awaited debut of their pioneering solar roof – an energy producing glass roof tile set to revolutionize home solar installations. In […]

Smart Buildings,Smart Cities

Energy Storage Technology Starting to Feel More at HOME

Sonnenbatterie has resurrected discussions on the residential and commercial energy storage market. The German storage integrator, who has sold over 4,000 battery systems across Europe, raised almost $10 million of venture capital for their expansion across the Atlantic. The firm collected $9.4 million led by Munich Venture Partners, a cleantech VC specialist and Chrysalix SET, […]

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