Supply Chain

Smart Buildings

An Unfortunate Supply Chain of Events

August 16th, 2022
Smart Buildings

Viessmann Group Business and Financials Examined

May 23rd, 2022
Smart Cities

The Role of Buildings in a Smart City’s Circular Economy

“A growing and wealthier global population are straining the biocapacity of our planet. In the densely populated and prosperous Netherlands, for example, we consume more than three times what the Dutch ecosystem can produce, while globally we consume 1.7 times what the Earth can produce. The current rate of resource consumption is unsustainable, both for […]


Securing the Security of the Global Physical Security Market

“Tensions over alleged human rights violations and the ongoing trade war between China and the US has seen legislative moves, new sanctions, and tit-for-tat trade barriers erected that significantly disrupt the flow of physical security products between the two nations, and the ability of their respective manufacturers to trade in their respective markets,” explains our latest […]


The Security of Supply & Supply of Security

Despite almost two years of challenges and uncertainty posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the global physical security market has demonstrated a remarkable degree of resilience. The pandemic is reshaping the industry, turbo-charging certain emerging business models, whilst it also continues to make our societies safer; not just from the pandemic but also from crime and […]

Smart Cities

Your Building Is Only As Green As Its Supply Chain

Green buildings are nothing new. In fact, the energy efficiency of a wide range of building systems and operational practices have been hallmarks of the smart building movement that has been evolving over the last few decades. However, the sustainability of buildings is about more than just operational efficiency, they must also incorporate environmentally responsible […]


Seven-Eleven Launches First of Many Indoor Farms in Japan

Indoor farms have been emerging for some years now with a multitude of pioneering projects showing what could be possible with the technology; but for it to become a significant player in our food supply chain it needs big projects that put it on the map. Just such a project will turn its lights on […]

Smart Cities

The Smart Connected Supply Chain Ecosystem for Smart Cities and Buildings

“Smart connected ecosystems combined with artificial intelligence integrated in products is game changing and disruptive,” says Frank Vorrath, VP of Global Supply Chain at Johnson Controls, on the topics of traditional business and the smart building sector. Vorrath highlights the supply chain ecosystem, comprising of the entire supply and value chains, as central to success […]

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