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Smart Cities

Are Workplaces the Gateway Smart Environment?

September 21st, 2021
Smart Buildings

We Need Carbon Neutral Buildings Where it Matters – The Retrofit Market

July 15th, 2019
Smart Buildings

Moving Intelligence to the Building Internet of Things Edge

“Today, most have embraced the fact that technology is the game changer and is the cornerstone of operating buildings as an economic model,” says Marc Petock, who is joining us for a Webinar next week. “As the technology surrounding engineering design and energy management systems have evolved, so has the dialogue around smart buildings. Driven […]

Smart Buildings

Your Own Environment Bubble That Follows You Around A Smart Building

A building that turns off lighting and HVAC systems automatically when a room empties is pretty smart. One that creates an individual environmental bubble around each occupant, which then follows them as they move through the building – well, that’s another level of smart. That has become the reality for one foundation in Italy, with […]

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