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Exploring M&A Trends in the Physical Security Market

May 10th, 2022

Robots for Guarding and Facility Management in Commercial Real Estate

December 13th, 2021

Building the Security Business Through Merger & Acquisition; Has it Delivered?

Memoori have been collecting and analysing global M&A data in the Physical Security Industry covering the last 18 years. This article looks at the trends that have taken place over this period driven by the need for consolidation built around innovative products that deliver solutions. We review the impact M&A has had on developing winners […]


Building the Physical Security Business Through Merger & Acquisition

Based on M&A data collected over the last 17 years on the Physical Security industry, our annual report shows a general upward trend in consolidation of the industry over this period with 4 cycles of rise and fall sometimes exaggerated by a number of billion dollar mega deals. In 2017 mergers and acquisitions at $6.213Bn […]

Smart Buildings

Correctional Facilities Can Be Smart Buildings Too

Smart technologies can help buildings cut energy costs, increase their value and help them be better at whatever they are trying to do. By using smart technology to serve the specific objectives of a building; schools can teach better, offices can be more productive, and hospitals can cure more people. If your building is a […]

Smart Buildings

Security Companies Invest in Disruptive Technology for Smart Buildings

This article was written by Daphne Tomlinson of Tomlinson Business Research. The major security systems companies are facing competitive pressure from a wave of smart building startups in the continuing race towards IoT. As a response to the potential threat, Tyco and Bosch have recently increased their investments in innovation through in-house R&D, early stage […]

Smart Buildings

Johnson Controls’ Focus on Building Automation Continues with Cisco Partnership

Johnson Controls recently announced that it has joined the Cisco Digital Ceiling community as a founding building automation partner. The Digital Ceiling framework provides a platform that delivers better user experiences through the convergence of the IT network and building technologies, including lighting, heating, cooling, security, motion detection, and other sensors and actuators. “Building owners […]

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