Smart Cities

“To Achieve Urban Sustainability the World Needs More Parises & Fewer Manhattans”

November 29th, 2021
Smart Cities

Smart Cities Should be Driving the Development of Smart Buildings

September 23rd, 2021
Complimentary Article Podcast The Building Performance Standards Landscape!
Smart Buildings

Podcast #5: Driving Smart Building Innovation Through Academia!

In this new Podcast series, Memoori explores the intersection between technology and commercial real estate through interesting conversations. Driving Smart Building Innovation Through Academia! In episode #5 we talk to Elena Malakhatka, PhD Candidate at KTH Live-in-Lab, discussing the important role that academia plays in driving smart building innovation & how academia interacts with commercial […]

Smart Cities

The Biggest Urban Challenges are being Ignored in the Smart City Agenda

In an article published on October 4th, we discussed how the technological evolution of buildings is creating a complex landscape of lifecycles across the system and structural elements in smart facilities. The article, based on our latest report, argues that in order to future proof a smart building we must find a system of design […]

Smart Cities

A Tale of Two Smart City Approaches: Toronto & Barcelona

“This is a tale of two cities — Toronto and Barcelona — that may hold important lessons for others around the world. Both have big ambitions to change the way they operate but reflect very different visions of how smart cities should be run,” writes John Thornhill, Innovation Editor at the Financial Times, in an […]

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