Defining a Zero Emissions Building from the Top Down

October 5th, 2023

Net Zero Buildings Explored: Delta Electronics Americas HQ

May 15th, 2023
Smart Buildings

Dumb Buildings Are Stranded Assets In The New Climate Economy

If we don’t address climate change and keep anthropogenic warming under the 2°C threshold set out by the Paris Climate Accord, then we will face the wrath of nature through rapidly rising sea levels, increased drought and wildfires, and other trends that will make life on earth more difficult — this is the physical risk […]

Smart Buildings

LEED Dynamic Plaque could Elevate Building Automation to another Level

Telus House (the 1st major office development south of Toronto’s railway tracks in more than a decade) was launched as a LEED Gold AAA standard Smart Building, 60% more efficient than comparable traditional buildings. Now in 2015 the 30-storey smart building, owned by Menkes Developments Ltd., will become the first Canadian building to employ a […]

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