Water Management

Smart Buildings

The ESG Problem & the Smart Building Solution

March 17th, 2022
Smart Cities

Transforming Sin City with a Digital Twin

October 19th, 2021
Smart Buildings

European Startups Enable Smart Water Management Solutions in Commercial Buildings

This article was written by Daphne Tomlinson, Senior Research Associate at Memoori Water management solutions at the point of use in buildings are gaining traction as IoT driven digital water technology gathers pace. Advancements in IoT technology, analytics and automation enable organizations to now add water to their existing energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives. IoT […]

Smart Cities

Blockchain Series: Fostering Trust in our Smart Cities

“The city is what it is because our citizens are what they are,” said Plato, the Ancient Greek philosopher, almost 2,500 years ago. Today, cities are still shaped by their citizens but as our urban society becomes increasingly digital, who or what the citizens are is becoming less clear. Stolen identities, data beaches, voter fraud, […]

Smart Buildings

New Campuses of Big Tech Companies Offer a Glimpse into the Future

Companies like IBM and Cisco, Microsoft and Apple, Google and Amazon, have been at the center of society’s digital transformation. Each one competes over its space in the market, and increasingly in the smart building age, each one competes over the quality of its space. New headquarters create a buzz around the company but also […]

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