Smart Buildings

Making People Count in A Crisis – Memoori Speaks to Density

April 16th, 2020
Smart Buildings

Space Utilization for Commercial Real Estate Continues to Drive the Occupancy Analytics Market

February 18th, 2020
Smart Cities

The WeWork Carnival, Softbank & the Future of Co-Working

“I think I’ve run out of the words to describe what’s been going on, from surreal to crazy to unbelievable to — someone texted me yesterday — “bonkers,” all of those things are true and yet the reality is that we’re still here and we’re still here together. I just want to remind all of […]

Smart Buildings

Proptech Bubble or just a WeWork Bubble?

There is a lot of money flowing into proptech but does that suggest a market bubble or just a few wild unicorns casting doubt on the rest of the herd? Those are the kind of questions being asked in the industry as the wildest unicorn of all – WeWork – reveals increasing signs of falling […]

Smart Cities

WeWork Sells Office Space, We Company Sells an Entrepreneurial Culture

WeWork sits on the ledge between being an overvalued real estate player, and being one of the key driving forces for an innovation-focused movement that is redefining the way companies and workers operate. However, recent deals may mark a turning point, allowing the firm to develop resilience while also supporting its primary vision. Critics say […]

Smart Buildings

WeWork, WeLive, WeGrow but Will We Succeed in the Long Term?

What could possibly go wrong for a start-up after raising $6.9 billion in their first eight years? Quite a lot apparently, according to a growing number of experts commenting on entrepreneur focused office-space-rental company WeWork, the seventh most valuable private-market start-up in the world. The level of investment itself is, of course, proof that others […]

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