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Webinar: Building Automation Meets the Internet of Things, Creating the Future of Smart Buildings

** Recording of this Webinar can be Found HERE **

Please Join us on Wednesday 21st October for our 10th FREE Webinar in the 2015 Smart Building Series…

Building Automation Meets the Internet of Things, Creating the Future of Smart Buildings. Q&A with Industry Thought Leader Terry Casey. Terry was CEO & Co-Founder of the UK building controls company Trend. Founded in 1980, Trend became a market leader in Europe by providing distributed DDC systems and pioneering the use of the system integrator channel. Terry was also previously President of Tridium in Europe and is now at Intellastar.

Discussing how the BAS industry is at the beginning of another monumental shift in how buildings are managed & operated.

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Webinar Highlights…

  • How the Smart Building value equation is shifting from one of efficiency, to one driven by facility usage and performance, financial optimization, business intelligence, and operational maximisation.
  • How, thanks to the Internet of Things, Smart Buildings are being driven to a new level of connectivity that stretches the reach of BAS from devices out on the edge through to cloud applications and data analysis.

This is a really great FREE opportunity to hear Terry Casey, a proven Industry Thought Leader, discuss his ideas on the future of Building Automation and Smart Buildings.

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