May 11, 2022 – 1700 Paris | 1100 New York | 1600 London | 1900 Dubai

3 Step Guide to Your Holistic Building Experience Journey

Join our FREE Live Webinar with Spaceti, Discussing the Publication of Our New White Paper, and How Companies can Move Along the Smart Building Development Journey to Reach their Goals.

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    Featured Guest

    Max Verteletskyi, CEO of Spaceti

    Spaceti is an innovative PropTech Startup founded in 2016. They provide integrated solutions of sensors, data analytics, and mobile user interfaces that enhance the satisfaction, productivity, and well-being of people in buildings while improving the bottom line for organizations.

    What we will be Discussing

    • The smart building development journey can eventually lead to the delivery of genuinely interactive and transformative experiences for tenants and building users, but the smart building development process should be seen as an iterative journey, rather than a single one-off technology delivery project. 
    • The 3 step model proposed by Memoori and Spaceti (“Passive, Active, Interactive”) concisely describes the process that companies can follow to eventually achieve a fully-fledged holistic smart building.

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