January 25, 2023 – 1700 Paris | 1100 New York | 1600 London | 1900 Dubai

What Customers REALLY Want from a Smart Building!

Join our FREE Live Webinar with Michael Grant from Metrikus to Discuss Why the Building IoT Landscape is Confusing for Customers and How the Market needs to Mature.

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    Featured Guest

    Michael Grant, Co-Founder & COO at Metrikus

    Metrikus is a smart building IoT platform that helps customers maximise their building’s benefits. Their software allows customers to reduce operating costs and create more sustainable spaces at the click of a button.

    What we will be Discussing

    • The smart building technologies Landscape is Complex and can act as a Source of Confusion and Frustration for Customers. Why and What can be Done about this?
    • As Debt becomes more expensive and investment harder to come by, is consolidation in the smart building market inevitable? And will this bring a new level of Maturity to smart building technology?

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