JANUARY 18, 2022 – 1700 CET | 1100 EDT | 1600 GMT

Open Interfaces for Smart Buildings with ONVIF

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    Featured Guest

    Leo Levit – ONVIF Steering Committee Chairman

    Leo has been ONVIF Steering Committee Chairman since February 2021 and also serves as Director of System Integration at Axis Communications. ONVIF is an open industry forum that provides and promotes standardized interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products – https://www.onvif.org/

    What we will be Discussing

    • Once confined to a single domain in the smart building environment, physical security is steadily increasing its contribution to overall building efficiency, with its myriad of sensors and rich data sets. What’s missing to fulfill the equation is a standardized approach – such as the one offered by ONVIF – to provide a common communication method for inputting the data from physical security devices and systems into the building IoT environment.
    • How is Profile M from ONVIF providing interoperability within a multi-vendor building environment, enabling the standardized transfer of metadata and events from sensors to smart building systems and opening unique possibilities in access control, facility management and building automation?

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