Smart Buildings

What’s a Smart City Without Connected Smart Buildings?

If, as we are led to believe, energy efficiency is an essential part of Smart Cities then it is logical to assume that a Smart City should be full of Smart Buildings inter-connected in a smart manner. However, the reality is that the urban power grid usually only reaches as far into a building as a Smart Meter and building energy efficiency technology remains, for the most part, concerned only with what’s happening within its four walls, not on the grid at large. “The harmonisation of the energy & buildings markets has begun”, according to our latest report: Smart Buildings Meet the Smart Grid: Markets, Trends & Enabling Technologies 2015 to 2020. “Energy and buildings markets are beginning the tricky process of harmonisation as major global firms look to capitalise on opportunities surrounding smart grids and distributed energy”. We are only just beginning to see examples of this on a large scale. Utilities are now […]

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Smart Buildings

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