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Smart Buildings

MQTT & the Horizontal Approach to Managing Smart Buildings

August 26th, 2021
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Smart Buildings

Digital Twins Advance the Journey Towards Improved Commercial Building Outcomes

August 19th, 2021
Smart Cities

The Interconnected Data-Driven Future of Smart Hospitals

Data improves buildings and if your building is a hospital, that improvement leads to saving lives. Data can improve diagnosis, patient care, find staff in an emergency, locate equipment, optimize lighting and air quality, improve staff and patient mood, and increase efficiency to release funds. Each of these data applications plays its part in improving […]

Smart Buildings

The Global Market for AI & Machine Learning in Smart Commercial Buildings

The potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help transform the performance of commercial buildings has been well documented for several years. But as with most technology innovations, the industry has been slow to adopt AI and Machine Learning techniques. Coupled with this, marketing hype from vendors has often painted a confusing picture of what AI […]

Smart Buildings

Recording: Catching Up with the Brick Schema for Smart Buildings

Here is the Video Recording from our 1st Free Webinar of the 2021 Smart Buildings Series. Catching up with the Brick Schema for Smart Buildings. Memoori is joined by Founder Members of the Brick Open Schema Project: Gabe Fierro, University of California, Berkeley, Jason Koh, Mapped Inc & Erik Paulson from JCI. We Discuss the […]


Progress Vs Privacy – A Tale of Smart City Development in China

The underlying premise of smart technology is that with enough data you can predict anything. Our smart buildings and cities are filled with sensors to gather as much information as possible in order to provide analysis that can fix problems, improve environments, and even avoid issues before they happen. The only real debate around this […]

Smart Cities

Eyes on the Building – Drones Take Structural Inspections to the Next Level

The building envelope is the protective layer that creates the indoor environment by separating it from the outside world. It is central to ventilation, insulation, fenestration, and just like other essential parts of the structure, the building envelope is prone to unexpected damage as well as wear and tear over time that requires maintenance to […]

Smart Cities

The Small Data Counter-Revolution & the Democratization of the Data Age

Since the emergence of the data age we have been taught the 4 Vs of good datasets: volume, velocity, variety, and veracity. These are the qualities that have given rise to the big data companies that have come to dominate the growing use of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Those with the resources […]

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