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EU Plan To Reduce Energy Dependence on Russia Benefits Green Buildings

May 26th, 2022
Smart Buildings

Trane Commercial HVAC Business 2021 Examined

February 7th, 2022
Smart Cities

Building Electrification Demands Smart Adaptation

The growing trend of electrification in buildings appears to be an obvious choice for authorities around the world. Electrification was prominent in California’s latest Building Energy Efficiency Standards update and in president Biden’s efficient buildings strategy, it has been a growing influence on building policy in the EU for sometime and is estabilishing itself as an important issue […]

Smart Buildings

Dumb Buildings Are Stranded Assets In The New Climate Economy

If we don’t address climate change and keep anthropogenic warming under the 2°C threshold set out by the Paris Climate Accord, then we will face the wrath of nature through rapidly rising sea levels, increased drought and wildfires, and other trends that will make life on earth more difficult — this is the physical risk […]

Smart Cities

North American Geothermal Heating is Quietly Gaining Steam

Geothermal heating reduces carbon emissions, energy costs, and dependence on fossil fuels, and has become a standard in many parts of the world. The US lags behind, however, with geothermal having to fight for the federal incentive “scraps” that solar and wind power have only recently recovered. New developments and a renewed sense of optimism […]

Smart Cities

What does ITC Reversion mean for the Energy Storage Sector?

The energy storage market is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting spaces in the renewable arena. There have been various suggestions made about the size and structure of batteries to be used in grid scale storage, but there seems to be little doubt about the future demand for the storage itself. Energy storage paired […]

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Citigroup Touts Energy Storage to Hasten the Demise of Fossil Fuels

Global investment banking group, Citi, says wide deployment of battery storage will hasten the demise of fossil fuels and any utilities that remain focused on centralised generation. Citigroup expects a rapid fall in battery manufacturing costs and estimates a $400 billion energy storage market by 2030. Citigroup claims that the battery phenomenon will be even […]

Smart Cities

The Smart Cities that Oil Built

When they tell the story of our transition to a smart, green urban future, how will they portray fossil fuels? The evil addiction that we couldn’t shake, or the fuel that funded our advancement into a greener more efficient energy future. A quick look around the oil rich Arabian Gulf might have you thinking the […]

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