Smart Cities

Standards Vs Ecosystems: The Battle for Interoperability

May 24th, 2022
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Smart Buildings

Hybrid Deep Learning Promises to Better Predict Building Energy Consumption

January 20th, 2020
Smart Cities

IEEE Release of 802.3bt Provides PoE Boost to Smart Buildings

The latest iteration of IEEE 802 standard promises to provide more Power over Ethernet (PoE) than ever before. Simultaneously, the established devices are getting increasingly efficient and new low-power devices are entering the market every day. This convergence is enabling a host of new devices to be powered via ethernet cables, giving a huge boost […]


Three Years On & Three Years Away: LiFi is on Track

In a May 2015 interview with Memoori, we asked Professor Harald Haas – the man who coined the term LiFi and co-founder of pureLiFi – where he sees the technology in three to five years. He responded: “In three to five years we would have seen the deployment of LiFi for specific applications, our major […]


BOPS Enables Widespread use of Biometrics for Access Control

Passwords are old fashioned, impractical and insecure. Enter increasingly pervasive biometric technology and the promise to guarantee the identity of who is at the other end of a mobile device or reader, enabled by BOPS (Biometrics Open Protocol Standard). This has lead to biometrics industry leaders, such as Hector Hoyos, CEO of Hoyos Labs, predicting […]

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