Millennial Generation

Smart Buildings

A Digital Native Workforce Will Demand Smarter Workplaces

May 30th, 2022
Smart Buildings

Keeping Up with the Data Demands of the Millennial Generation’s Smart Buildings

September 21st, 2018
Smart Cities

How Should the Real Estate Market View Smart Cities?

The world of property seems to have got its head around smart buildings. Increased energy efficiency and the improved performance of a facility brings new value for owners who can attract more tenants at better prices. Predictive maintenance for example, reduces cost and potential unexpected downtime, thereby attracting and retaining clients. Smart cities however have […]

Smart Cities

The Future Workplace Will Not All Be About Technology

We still read paper books, despite the emergence of tablets and e-book readers like the Kindle. We still visit physical stores, even though online shopping was supposed to take over retail years ago. More vinyl records sales hit a 25 year high in 2016, 500% more than 2013 figures. “New technologies, it turns out, do […]

Smart Cities

Agility Beats Power In The Fight For Smart City Supremacy

Despite Brexit, the refuge crisis, increased terrorism, and economic strife in Greece, Europe is still better positioned to win supremacy in smart city innovation according to several experts in the field. Like two heavyweights before a title fight, the US talks a big talk and has more muscle to back it up but Europe has […]

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