Smart Buildings

Imagining A Circular Construction Economy For Buildings

We often talk about the fact that buildings account for 40% of total energy consumption but buildings are also a huge generator of physical waste. The built environment also consumes vast amounts of raw materials, which are generally only used once in their high-value form and often produced using an energy-intense production process. However, excessive waste means inefficiency, and inefficiency presents the opportunity to improve. “There is an ever-increasing body of research exploring the application of circular economy principles within the built environment – from buildings as material banks to those that are reusable or redeployable,” points out Martin Hunt, principal project manager Forum for the Future, an international sustainability non-profit organization. “But as innovative technical solutions emerge and gain traction, how can we scale up successful models and ensure demand amongst clients and investors is strong enough to take on and transform the status quo?” The construction industry may be even more infamous for […]

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Smart Cities

Can Digital Twins Offer Long-Term Solutions to a Building Safety Crisis?

On June 14th 2017, a fire broke out at Grenfell Tower, a high-rise residential block in northwest London, and claimed the lives of 72 people. The subsequent inquiry found fundamental failings at every stage of the building safety process, from construction, to regulation, inspection, and emergency response. In reaction, the UK government launched a review […]

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