Automatic Demand Response

Smart Buildings

Future City Glasgow Programme Reaches Two-year Milestone

December 7th, 2015
Smart Buildings

Honeywell and Tata Launch Automated Demand Response Project in Delhi

June 2nd, 2015
Smart Buildings

Interfacing Smart Buildings with Smart Grid Provides the Most Practical and Cost Effective Solution for Reducing CO2 Emissions from Buildings

If governments across the developed world went ahead and created the necessary incentives for the investment needed to develop a Smart Grid and Renewable Power over the next 17 years, to meet the mandatory or proposed CO2 emission standards, they would almost certainly be committing political suicide. The trillions of dollars required would thwart economic […]

Smart Cities

The Return to Climate Change Issues & CO2 Emission Levels

Will the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy and other “once-in-a-lifetime storms” experienced across the globe in the last 2 years, now force our politicians to ensure that we at least meet the CO2 reduction targets now in place? There is now serious concern that even these targets will not prevent an increase in global temperature […]

Smart Buildings,Smart Cities

Why Interfacing Smart Buildings With Smart Grid Will Develop Into Multi-Billion Dollar Business

There is an almost perfect case for interfacing Smart Buildings with Smart Grid because all the stakeholders win. It will require minimum technical and commercial risk and decades of latent potential business is stacked up waiting to be converted. The driver for this business is, Negawatts, through reducing consumption at the consumer end and reducing […]

Smart Cities

Demand Response set to be a ‘Multi-Billion Market by 2016′

Demand response (DR) continues to evolve as the smart grid’s “killer application”, leveraging technology infrastructure to deliver measurable value to utilities, grid operators, and customers alike. The demand response market encompasses hardware, software, and services, but it is the services sector that is defining the future direction of the business, both within the United States […]

Smart Cities

Smart Grid Suppliers Position for the Big Move into Automatic Demand Response

The largest single area of expenditure that will have to be made in order to produce Smart Grid will be in Automatic Demand Response (ADR) on the transmission and distribution network. Our report estimates that comprehensive ADR including communications between all digital devices, electrical conditioning, down to local controllers in commercial and industrial buildings […]

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