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December 9th, 2021

A History of Bad Office Lighting Must Make Way for a Human-Centric Future

May 27th, 2021
Smart Buildings

IoT Lays the Foundation for the Emergence of AR in Smart Buildings

Augmented reality (AR) is one of those technologies that inspire futuristic visions of the world. AR blurs the line between the real and the digital worlds by allowing users to view the environment around them through a data-rich lens, literally seeing a digital interpretation of their physical surroundings. Using cameras and screens, or AR glasses, […]

Smart Buildings

New Normal, Same Problems – The Continued Need for Better IoT Governance

“Historically, IT and OT roles were driven by clearly distinct business requirements. The IT role focused on information flows, while facilities managers were more focused on the physical functioning of a building. The two departments would typically operate in functional silo’s with little strategic alignment or influence over each other’s projects and initiatives,” stresses our […]

Smart Cities

IT Accelerates its Colonization of OT As Resistance Diminishes

The Internet of Things (IoT) is forcing the worlds of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) together as new environments like smart buildings link their OT systems to the information super-highway. The convergence of OT and IT is not a smooth one, however, issues surrounding business structure, skills shortages, data silos, cyber security and […]


How Will Independent System Integrators Deliver Data-Driven Buildings?

Over the last 10 years there has been a slow progress towards Data-Driven Buildings and even today we are still some years away from being able to deliver cost effective solutions to satisfy building owners / operators. In order to achieve Smart Buildings we need to breakdown the silo’s between all the building services and […]

Smart Buildings

What are the Main Challenges Preventing the Adoption of the IoT in Buildings?

“The potential challenges facing Internet of Things initiatives are numerous and varied,” begins the Market Challenges section of our latest report. The comprehensive report goes into specific detail on a wide range of obsticles facing vendors and their customers who may be exploring opportunities for Internet of Things in Building (BIoT). Here we assess just […]

Smart Buildings

Smart Commercial Buildings in the New Outcome Driven Era

“Much of the hype of the early years of the IoT revolved around the technologies, with articles hailing the billions of connected devices that would be rolled out,” our latest report The Internet of Things in Smart Commercial Buildings 2018 to 2022 discusses. However, as the market has emerged the focus of vendors and that […]


Multimodal Surveillance Raises the Level of Protection in Smart Buildings

“The information provided by a dedicated surveillance technology may not be sufficient to automatically identify the intrusions in a monitored environment [such as a smart building],” claims a new report published in the open access journal ‘Proceedings’ this month. The report – Towards Multimodal Surveillance for Smart Building Security – promotes the use of multiple […]

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