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Smart Buildings

Azbil Building Automation Business & FY2023 Financials Examined

May 21st, 2024
Smart Buildings

Major Players Put Their Weight Behind AI in Commercial Buildings

May 17th, 2024
Complimentary Article Podcast MSI +Architect = Improved Smart Building Technology Delivery!
Smart Buildings

#Podcast 30: MSI +Architect = Improved Smart Building Technology Delivery! ✅

In our Podcast series “Sh*t You Wish Your Building Did!”, Memoori explores the intersection between technology and commercial buildings through interesting conversations. For Episode 30, we were joined by Nick Clark and Mike Brooman to discuss architect Aukett Swanke’s recent acquisition of the assets of Vanti. We discussed the reasons behind the acquisition. It’s Aukett […]

Comelit Group 2024

Comelit Physical Security & Building Automation Business 2024 Examined

In this Research Note, we explore Comelit Group SpA, an Italian manufacturer of physical security systems, highlighting its M&A growth in the last 5 years culminating in its entry last month into the building automation market. Founded in 1956, Comelit specializes in the design and manufacture of video entry, video surveillance, anti-intrusion, home automation, access […]

Smart Buildings

AI Applications Spreading Across the Smart Buildings Landscape

“The application of artificial intelligence (AI) in smart buildings represents an immense opportunity to transform buildings from automated environments into truly cognitive spaces that continuously optimize themselves. However, mainstream adoption still faces hurdles around trust, complexity, and integrating AI with legacy infrastructure,” explains our latest research. Through extensive analysis, the study maps out 66 distinct […]


Plejd Smart Lighting Business and 2023 Financials

In this Research Note, we explore the smart lighting controls business of Plejd AB, a Swedish public company supplying the Nordic market. We explore their 2023 financial results, product portfolio, channel approach and international growth strategy, based on their year-end results, 8th February 2024, and their latest Annual Report. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in […]

Complimentary Article Building Data UNS Unified Namespace
Smart Buildings

#Podcast 29: How Can We Fix Building Data Integration Problems?

In our Podcast series “Sh*t You Wish Your Building Did!”, Memoori explores the intersection between technology and commercial buildings through interesting conversations. For Episode 29, we were joined by Brahm Lategan, Smart Building Consultant at MiX. We dived into the world of Commercial IoT Building Data. Why are data integration problems in commercial buildings so […]

Complimentary Article AI Interface Commercial Buildings
Smart Buildings

Recording: AI as an Interface for Commercial Buildings

Here is the recording and presentation from our live stream with Jonathan McFarlane from PlaceOS discussing how AI Large Language Models (LLMs) will change the way we interact with our buildings. The future of building system user interfaces is not dashboards! Artificial Intelligence, and specifically LLMs, will change commercial building system interactions from “point & […]

AI Commercial Buildings 2024
Smart Buildings

Mapping the Global Landscape of AI in Commercial Buildings 2024

The artificial intelligence (AI) landscape in commercial buildings is rapidly evolving. Significant growth in the number and size of companies offering AI-enabled products and services in commercial real estate has been growing around the world in recent years. The private sector has seen a sharp rise in AI development and with that, the number of […]

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