Canon Video Surveillance Business 2022 & Growth Strategy Examined

April 3rd, 2023

Canon Video Surveillance Business 2021 Examined

April 13th, 2022
Smart Buildings

How Will the Johnson Controls / Tyco Deal Play Out?

Johnnson Control’s offer to acquire Tyco International has been accepted by the Tyco board. However it is not yet a done deal. The premium being offered by Johnson Controls looks reasonable but will it attract other companies to step in with a better offer for the Tyco shareholders? In our New Report on the Security […]


Long Term Strategy Defines the Axis Communications Deal

Within 9 months Canon has acquired two of the world’s leading edge suppliers in Video Surveillance technology. That’s not been done before! There are a number of reasons why Canon have adopted this acquisition strategy. One is based around business culture in Japan and Scandinavia and the other is thinking about the long term implications […]

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