Department of Energy

Smart Buildings

How Does Biden’s New Clean Energy Bill Impact Smart Buildings?

August 22nd, 2022
Smart Cities

Solar Power Beats DOE Targets By 3 Years Underlining Its Value to Buildings

September 21st, 2017
Smart Cities

Return Of The Microgrid… Again

It didn’t seem that long ago that we were all talking about microgrids, a lot. We may have anticipated a large series of small, renewably driven, battery powered, local energy grids that can be disconnected from the larger utility grid and operate independently. The momentum seemed to have cooled on this revolution however, but recent […]

Smart Buildings

The Smart Buildings Sector Needs to Get Specific on ROI

In the end, it all comes down to return on investment (ROI), for smart buildings and most everything else. The promise of energy efficiency, better access control, greater comfort and environmental responsibility are all well and good, but to convince the majority of customers, the smart building sector needs to get specific on the returns […]

Smart Cities

A Truly Smart City Is One That Is Shaped By Its Citizens

“The most important components for smart cities are engaging communities and forging partnerships,” this was the statement of US Federal officials, during Smart Cities Week, last week, who underlined a theory that has become increasingly popular in the smart city debate – a truly smart city is one that is shaped by its citizens rather […]

Smart Cities

Obama Administration Unveils Programs to Build the Smart Grid

Yesterday the Obama Administration announced several programs and initiatives that should help add IT to the electrical power grid in the US. ‚ So far investment by the current US administration totals some $4.5 billion, which was matched by $5.5 billion in private money. Monday’s announcement will follow up on this. The 9 programs and initiatives […]

Smart Cities

What Smart Grid Needs Most Is a Level Playing Field

Among the blizzard of information that crossed my desk last month, 2 items made me think that whilst smart grid technology has still got some obstacles to overcome; particularly surrounding security issues; it’s the regulatory and policy demands that are in place to protect electrical utility users that are most likely to hold it back. […]

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