Smart Buildings

Delivering Building Performance Software that Meets Customer Requirements

December 22nd, 2016
Smart Buildings

Regulation could provide Vehicle for Growth of Energy Software in Europe

June 22nd, 2016
Smart Buildings

Smart Building Synergy Through Building Energy Management Systems & Enterprise Energy Management Software

Both Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Enterprise Energy Management (EEM) have major parts to play in delivering Distributed Energy and Demand Response services connecting across Smart Buildings and Smart Grid. This reinforces that together they can also reach across associated applications. This must be synergy personified. Integrating the technical services in buildings is not […]

Smart Buildings

The Global Market for Building Energy Management Systems will Reach Over $23bn by 2017, Predicts Memoori Research

Memoori has published a new research report on the market for Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) and Enterprise Energy Management; bringing together market sizing statistics, investment data and all the factors that are influence the industries future. In 2013, the total world sales of Building Energy Management Systems ‚  (BEMS) will be $16.7 billion at […]


The Impact of LED Lighting on the BEMS Industry

There is a discussion now taking place in the Smart Building business that the transition to LED lighting may trigger a change in the way the BEMS industry works. The rationale goes that historically, building controls applications have been HVAC-centric since that was the element of the building where controls could add significant value. In […]

Smart Buildings

Interfacing Smart Buildings with Smart Grid Provides the Most Practical and Cost Effective Solution for Reducing CO2 Emissions from Buildings

If governments across the developed world went ahead and created the necessary incentives for the investment needed to develop a Smart Grid and Renewable Power over the next 17 years, to meet the mandatory or proposed CO2 emission standards, they would almost certainly be committing political suicide. The trillions of dollars required would thwart economic […]

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