Smart Buildings

Ahead of the Curve? Big Telecom to Disrupt the Smart Building Industry in South Korea

August 6th, 2020
Smart Buildings

Partnerships in Commercial Real Estate Enable Unified Intelligent Building Solutions

March 19th, 2019
Smart Cities

Forget Smartphones, Nokia Wants To Build Smart Cities

Nokia was once king of the mobile phone, a household name and a constant presence in our lives. Back when cell phones were just cell phones, and when smart was just another word for clever… Ok, admittedly that wasn’t very long ago and Nokia is still fresh in our memories but despite its failure in […]

Smart Buildings

Europe Wants To Lead The World On Energy Efficiency

As the incoming US leadership threatens to keep its campaign promises and withdraw from the COP21 Paris climate agreement, signed by a record-breaking 193 countries and counting. Across the Atlantic, the EU have decided that they not only want to adapt to this clean energy transition, they want to lead it. Last week, the European […]

Smart Buildings

BMS And IP Converge For Smart Building Network Infrastructure

The days of traditional building management system (BMS) infrastructure are behind us. Heating, lighting, air conditioning and other building functions now increasingly require information and telecommunication (ICT) networks in order to function in the modern world. This is not only demands a outright technical upgrade but also requires an entirely new way of thinking throughout […]

Smart Cities

Welcome To Smart Japan

Europe, the US and China dominate smart city developments, Singapore and South Korea are grabbing some headlines, while India floods news feeds with its own smart city ambitions. Quietly a giant sleeps, a tech giant with the capacity for great smartness is slowly but surely developing its cities in a bid to leap frog all […]

Smart Cities

“The Road Toward Smart Cities” Report Tackles Rapid Urban Growth

Two of the most significant trends of the 21st century are the acceleration of global urbanization and the cyber-physical revolution. While rapid urbanization may enhance collaborative talent pools, it of course also brings with it many challenges to housing and infrastructure, as well as straining resources. However, the cyber-physical revolution, part of the wider digital […]

Smart Cities

UN Initiative Seeks To Bring Together Smart Sustainable Cities

“The 19th century was a century of empires, the 20th century was a century of nation states and the 21st century will be a century of cities” – Wellington Webb, Former Mayor of Denver, CO. The 21st century model of urban development will leverage information and communication technologies (ICTs) to set cities on a development […]


Disruptive Technologies and Economic Tsunamis Fail to hold back the Security Industry as it Reconfigures its Modus Operandi

Memoori’s 2012 Survey of the Physical Security Industry to be published in October shows that in the last 6 years, despite disruptive technologies and economic tsunamis, it has become a stronger more resilient and profitable business. Whilst there has been a natural demand for security because of the need to counter the increased threat from […]

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