Smart Buildings

A New Year, A New Mindset for the Smart Building Sector

The Internet of Things - human centric lighting, environmental controls, access control, big data, artificial intelligence (AI), and blockchain. All these systems and offerings, among others, have been evolving side-by-side to help create smart buildings and smart cities. The development of this smart sector has, so far, been stunted and fragmented with vendors unsure what to offer and customers unsure what to buy. 5G, AI, blockchain, AR, VR, and other hyped technologies will not reach maturity in 2019, at least not for the smart technology industry. However, as 2018 progressed signs emerged that 2019 may be the year that all the industry stakeholders start to push in the same direction, a fundamental step for any sector. “Though there have been a lot of tech advancements in 2018, the real change has been in terms of the mindset,” said Hannah Prideaux, business development director at District Technologies in an interview with Forbes. This change of mindset […]

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Smart Buildings

Nordomatic Smart Buildings Business Examined

In this Research Note, we examine Nordomatic, the largest independent integrator of open, cloud-based smart building solutions in the Nordic region. This analysis is based on the Nordomatic 2021 Sustainability Report and their strategy to achieve global impact leadership within Smart Buildings by 2025. Founded in 1967 and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Nordomatic reports a turnover of around SEK 1 billion (around $100 […]

Smart Buildings

View Smart Buildings Business and Financials Examined

In this Research Note, we examine View Inc. (NASDAQ: VIEW), a Silicon Valley-based smart window company founded in 2006. This analysis is based on their 2021 financial results, investor presentations, M&A and their smart buildings strategy.  View, one of the most heavily funded firms in the smart buildings space, acquired unicorn status in November 2018 when it raised a $1.1 billion Series […]

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