Access Control: Breaking the Price vs Safety Paradigm

A secure access control system comes with a premium price tag. That’s the commonly shared ‘fact’ in the access control industry. Arguments to strengthen this belief are of course, easy to envisage. Robust hardware using premium materials and lots of clever security features must be expensive. Continuously tested software, able to withstand ever-increasing cyber security threats has to be paid for at some point. Then again in industry after industry, we see disruption. B2B markets for example, can sometimes be taken by surprise from an influx of ‘consumer grade’ products produced in far greater volumes, at lower costs and with a steep increase in performance. So, are there any signs forecasting such change in the access control industry? Not for a while it seems. At the DEFCON hacking conference this summer, the digital security assessment of consumer smart door locks was unveiled in two presentations. The authors showed the ridiculous ease with which 12 out […]

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