Smart Buildings

Are Apps the Interface that Make Smart Facility Management Feasible For All Buildings?

“Imagine this… There is an explosion in your building, and everyone is trying to get out, including Fred, your facility manager. Jim at the front office shouts across the hall “Hey, Fred! Emergency Services are here. They need to know where the shut-off valves are! Fred pauses and turns to his desktop only to find the power is out. He reaches for his laptop just as his mobile phone rings. It’s his wife who is traveling. “Honey you are OK? Someone posted that there was an explosion in the building!” What’s wrong with this picture?” writes Suri Suriyakumar, CEO of facilities management software solution provider ARC in an article for Propmodo. “Even though Fred’s wife is thousands of miles away, she sees a social media post about the incident and calls within minutes to check on him. Meanwhile, Fred is still stuck in his building trying to find the shut-off valve! Sadly, this scenario is […]

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Smart Buildings

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