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The Artificial Intelligence Market in Commercial Buildings

Here is the recording and presentation from last’s week livestream discussing our new research which explores the growing role that Artificial Intelligence is playing within commercial buildings.

Our new market analysis looks at the progress that has occurred both in the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence broadly and its specialized applications enabling smarter, more sustainable, and more responsive buildings.

The Market for Artificial Intelligence in Commercial Buildings 2024!

The report is the first in a 2-part series of reports, with the second focussing on the Artificial Intelligence market landscape being published later this year. Both these reports are included in our 2024 Premium Subscription Service, which also gives access to our chatbot AIM, where you can query all our research using the power of Large Language Models (LLMs).

The Artificial Intelligence Market in Commercial Buildings

Where are we on the journey towards “truly cognitive buildings”? Today’s commercial building technology is transitioning away from rules-based analytics towards Artificial Intelligence predictive machine learning models but adoption remains at modest levels. Real-world deployments remain narrow in scope driven by the more well-understood use cases around energy optimization, space utilization, and security.

Through extensive analysis, we have mapped out 66 distinct Artificial Intelligence use cases spanning 12 key domains where solutions are actively being developed and commercialized for smart buildings. These encompass a diverse range of potential benefits from driving sustainability and energy efficiency to security enhancements and more tailored occupant experiences.

Billions of dollars are being invested by Big Tech in an AI Arms Race. The commercial buildings industry stands on the cusp of significant advancements, driven by Artificial Intelligence’s potential to enhance operational efficiencies, improve occupant experiences, and contribute to sustainability goals. As Artificial Intelligence technologies become more accessible, commercial real estate stakeholders must navigate these developments strategically to harness Artificial Intelligence’s full potential.

Artificial Intelligence Market Commercial Buildings

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